Thomas Kuppler
has been a London based Artist, living and working there since 1990.
He originally studied Art in Germany, thereafter decided to work in the hotel and hospitality industry, as he knew it would enable him to travel the world and enrich his passion for Art and Painting with a wider knowledge.

He never stopped painting while he lived in different countries, including Mexico, South America, Spain, and Singapore and from all these impressions we now have a most innovative, inspiring unusual talent, that is a vast force for the future Contemporary Art, transmitting his deepest feelings and aggressions on to the canvas.

His very personal expression is embodiment of experiences and impressions culled from diverse people, cultures and countries - the use of strong colour. preferably blue, being one of the major impacts. These impressions he combines with the difficulties of living in sprawling, grey and fast city like London. Although a lot of his paintings exude the life of colour they show certain sadness or seriousness simultaneously. Thomas' major work is figurative. He says...' this is the best way for me to express feeling'
A lot of his paintings give an almost iconic impression.

In the last year Thomas has started using gold in his paintings - saying that...

'gold can express so many things, it is precious, it reflects the light and changes its colour depending on the environment; therefore those paintings are always different - never the same. Another major impact of the gold is that if you touch it the feeling is cold in comparison with the normal colour on the canvas. So it is also a sort of magnetism within the painting.'

In more recent times Thomas has moved away from the pure figurative art and started to paint in a more 'constructed' minimalist style. His paintings however, still abound with symbols, which appear again and again in almost all his work, namely: the hand and the cross.
Thomas wants to share his work with others and as a result is now dedicating most of his time with painting and art.
Thomas is the new voice of the Art World . Pushing forward in areas as none before him.

august 1994


© 2006 thomas w kuppler