[essential adj. 1 vitally important; absolutely necessary. 2 basic; fundamental 3 completely realised; absolute; perfect.]
thomas w kuppler - presenting his most inspiring and innovative new paintings. Haunting imagery and symbolism that speak directly to one’s emotions in a pre-verbal manner. Essential viewing.

An artist of deeply personal character, Thomas Kuppler has devoted his life to the pursuit of creative influence and expression.
Travelling extensively, Thomas has sought out artistic references and impressions wherever he has found himself, from Mexico to Singapore. Painting with a furious intensity and dedication to his craft, he has enriched his natural instincts with the experience of diverse cultures and styles.
Having set up his studio in London, Thomas makes use of the international community at his doorstep and his work continues to reflect a profound interest in the myriad colours and flavours of the world. Nevertheless, a distinctly ‘German’ approach, indicative of his origins and bordering on ‘art brut’ underpins everything he produces.
Visceral, emotionally charged artwork is Thomas’ trademark. It comes, in his own words, “from the guts”, yet there is clear evidence of an educated mind in the finishing. As a result, the work transcends the merely emotional and becomes intelligently conceptual.
 His pieces are fundamentally abstract in thought, sometimes figurative, with many in a more constructed style. Strong, haunting symbols appear both clearly and subtly throughout his collections and the use of mixed media, which might include photography and video as well as unconventional materials and objects, adds a unique textural quality to the work.
To regard what Thomas produces is to glimpse into his mind. His fluctuating moods and feelings are on display in sublimely candid expression, inviting us, as he puts it: “to plunge into the redness beyond the dichotomous good/bad, black/white”.

September 2009












2009 thomas w kuppler