this is conventional wisdom:
Friday, December 3, 2010 11:00am - Thursday, December 23, 2010 6:00pm
“Conventional Wisdom” An Intermixed Fusion of Figurative andAbstract Art at Icosahedron Gallery
“Conventional Wisdom” from December 3rd to December 23rd, 2010. Opening Reception on Friday, December 10, 2010
Icosahedron Gallery is pleased to present “Conventional Wisdom”, a group exhibition showcasing works from eleven international artists from cities all over the world and three American artists. “Conventional Wisdom” will feature works from Berend Bode, Chris Cole, Maybel Gallegos, Barbara Hardmeier, Susan Lüth Hedegaard, Thomas Kuppler, Paolo Mara, Alexander Motyl, Nicolás Nishiky, Zelmira Peralta Ramos, Chrys Roboras, Ingrid Solesvik, Alicia Esteve Tébar, and Joe Triano. Each of these artists are quintessential exemplars of the contemporary art world.
At the forefront of abstract figurative works, Berend Bode, Paolo Mara, Alexander Motyl, Chrys Roboras, and Joe Triano interweave their figurative masterpieces with dynamic color use, distinct and evocative style, and subject matter that showcases true fine art. German artist, Berend Bode, uses time, space, and motion to mirror his world of present humanity juxtaposed with themes of violence and psychic reality. Italian artist, Paolo Mara, displays an array of figurative works that take viewers on a transcultural journey inspired by Mara’s time traveling the world. Alexander Motyl, a NewYork-based artist, writer, and professor, uses his monochromatic depictions of man tied together with whimsical situations to focus on his view of tearing the edifice of the art world to its innate simplicity. Also, exhibiting a sense of the majestic through her works is Chrys Roboras, an Australian artist based out of Greece, whose works interplay ethereal female wanderers and haunting natural landscapes. Joe Triano, an American painter from Oregon, uses a palette of vibrant primary colors derived from his inspiration from Van Gogh to showcase the world of Native American culture, a culture which has interested Triano for years.
Delving deeper into the symbiosis of the figurative and abstract art worlds lies the works of Thomas Kuppler, Nicolás Nishiky, Ingrid Solesvik, and Alicia Esteve Tébar. Thomas Kuppler, based out of London, creates abstract figurative pieces that are visceral and emotionally charged to shed light on the human body through a distinct German expressionistic approach. Exhibiting an abstract expressionistic quality as well, lies the works of Nicolás Nishiky, a Peruvian artist based out of Spain. Nishiky’s figurative works are bold and provocative pieces that use gestured brushwork and exaggerated proportions to shed light on the plight of man in today’s time and society. The works of Ingrid Solesvik from Norway combine futuristic vaporous environments with the human form to create works that are perplexing and focus on the quality of stillness. Alicia Esteve Tébar from the Spanish Mediterranean defines herself as an introspective artist who draws inspiration from the human anatomy. Tébar’s use of color and the human form transports her work’s viewers to the origins of humanity in its purest form.
Focusing more on the abstract art world, Marybel Gallegos, Barbara Hardmeier, Susan Lüth Hedegaard, and Zelmira Peralta Ramos bring play, wisdom, and expertise to their distinct styles. Mexican artist, Marybel Gallegos, interlaces vibrant color usage, suggestive brush strokes, and a style that is reminiscent of Jackson Pollock to transport viewers to her home town of Cancun and the Carribean Sea; both serve as inspirations for her pieces. Barbara Hardmeier of Switzerland is a mixologist of the abstract and figurative genres tied together through her luminous use of color, subtle human forms, and intricate brush strokes that focus on the present. Danish artist, Susan Lüth Hedegaard awakens her viewers in her chaotic and wonderfully mastered “Plexidekoration” series. Each piece possesses a beautifully crafted array of color usage and fluidity on plexiglas. Lastly, Zelmira Peralta Ramos from Buenos Aires, Argentina describes her work as, “Informalist, informal abstract art.” Peralta uses rhythm, color, space, and her own sensory emotions to portray a collection of pieces that are prime examples of the contemporary abstract art world.
“Conventional Wisdom” will also feature a sculptural work from Chris Cole entitled, “Gulliver”. Chris Cole’s piece
uses machinery and alloy materials to create a true example of transforming the conventional into the unconventional through his interactive sculpture.












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